Connect with Nature 


On top of the world!
  is what they say
when asked how one feels
  after being in nature all day.

High contact it’s shown
  taken day by day
gives positive feelings
  draws our stress away,

And not only that
  it improves cognitive functioning, too
Increases vitality, 
  draws forth a good mood.

It restores our attention 
  to the highest levels
through patterns & beauty, 
  dispelling the negative.

It gives a little holiday 
  from our regular mundane
with fascinating visuals,
  sounds, and sensations, 

That bring us up
  from being rundown.
It is forever engaging,
  in sights, feelings, and sounds

Continually changing on many dimensions
  drawing us into natural meditation
which in turn gifts to us 
  the opportunity to evolve
as it increases our ability
  for self-reflection 
and to problem solve.

Nature is fitting, supportive of our needs
physically, psychologically, and raises our self-esteem.

It’s a cornucopia 
  full of medicinal and nutritional uses, 
We should take care to ensure 
  that it can rejuvenate
for all generations of the future. 

Last, but not least, and a very well kept secret
  is that being in nature can be a natural aphrodisiac
and as our emotional affinity with it grows
  so do the benefits, studies have shown

That when we have positive experiences within nature
  we in turn then show good environmental behavior
and a desire to serve beyond our personal boundary
  and so we then wish to give service to the community.

This all seems to show 
  it is quite beneficial
to create opportunity for engagement
  with nature for people.

Children especially should be given the opportunity
  as for in benefiting them, we are benefiting the future.

Just one bit more of additional information, 
  is that it has been shown we can gain the same sensation
  (beneficial relations)
through nature imagery and other recordings, 
  though not to the same level
as say an actual walk in the outdoors.)

With the above in mind, an invitation to MOMs is now being sent out to 

JOIN M.E. ( M.y  E.nvironment) 


Soft Footprint Nature activities are being created and practiced daily to enable reconnection with nature. They are designed to be relaxing, meditative, playful, fun, creative and imaginative, to include art, crafts, poetry, photography and more. Whenever possible, they will follow the natural rhythms of nature in a balanced, harmonious, healing and helpful way. In seasonable weather, the majority of these activities will take place outdoors. Otherwise, much of the natural world will be brought indoors to appreciate and enjoy as well. 

The idea to include the imagination (often in the form of faerie poetry, art and crafts...) is to enable the engagement of both sides of the brain for this helps one to absorb and retain the whole of an experience.