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The Missing Link in the Way You Think: 
Discover and Recover it. - Michael J. Cohen,

Dr. Cohen is the recipient of the Distinguished World Citizen Award.

"Oh, what a catastrophe, what a maiming of love when it was made personal, merely personal feeling. This is what is the matter with us: we are bleeding at the roots because we are cut off from the earth and sun and stars. Love has become a grinning mockery because, poor blossom, we plucked it from its stem on the Tree of Life and expected it to keep on blooming in our civilized vase on the table."

- D. H. Lawrence

Biologically and psychologically we are part of nature and nature is part of us. Survival demands that we and Mother Nature mutually fulfill each other's needs. However, we live in extreme separation from nature and its balanced ways.

The severance of our natural emotional fulfillments in nature produces addictive cravings that we must gratify elsewhere, no matter their ruinous effects. They distort our thinking. For example, despite having experienced attractive relationships and feelings, in nature, very few of us think that we can fulfill our cravings and restore balance by feelingly reconnecting to nature. Such denial is typical of addicts.

We have become so bewildered (wilderness separated) that we try to resolve our problems by using the same nature disconnected thinking that produces them. Many have recognized this:

"I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order."
- John Burrough


 The Story of Judy Griffin. Ph.D., an internationally renowned aroma therapist,
author, lecturer and herbalist. Challenged with Crohn's Disease and unable
to be cured with Western medicine, she turned to nature for healing.


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Prayers of Invocation

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face;
the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again,
may God hold you in the palm of His hand.

traditional gaelic blessing



 Voices of Our Ancestors,

 (excerpts from the above book)
                                                    by Dhyani Ywhaoo

Practitioners of the sacred teachings being passed today through the Ywahoo lineage of the Tsalagi Nation learn a sacred dance, the Dance of the Directions, based upon exercises and dances taught by Eli Ywahoo, Eonah Fisher, and Nellie Ywahoo. The purpose of the dance is to keep clear the channels within the body, that they may resonate with the land itself. When facing magnetic north, one clarifies mental orientation and tunes the electronic spin of the atom of one’s own body at the angle for optimum energy expression. A test of one’s accomplishment is the ability to generate light from the body, though the clear alignment of one’s mind with the magnetic field of the Earth and the solar system. There are successive stages of realization, alignment with focal points of mind–with Earth, then with sun, then beyond. The purpose: to generate light, to generate good for all sharing this dream. The practice in all its aspects clarifies the stream, that the potential for enlightened action may manifest throughout all worlds.


Let us think about the breathing holes around Hopi and the breathing mountains of the Tibetan Plateau. These places have long held the balance of our planet. When the lunar winds are over Hopi, the energy of the sun is over the Tibetan Plateau, and in twelve hours it reverses. Deep within the ground there are caverns and tunnels and ways for this sacred energy to travel. Earth inhales and exhales just as we do; sacred life energy moves within her body as it does in ours. And from the mind of scarcity, greed, and domination, much of this sacred body of our Mother Earth is being cannibalized and destroyed, through the ignorance of mining without consideration for the future, depleting Earth’s resources and polluting her waters.


Right now in Hopi and at the most sacred Black Mesa, there are great amounts of water being drawn from beneath the Earth to move coal to light great signs in Reno, Los Angeles, and other cities. The electricity used by one casino sign in a day could keep a small town in electricity for almost a year. The areas from which the waters and ores are being taken may be designated by the United States government as “national sacrifice areas,” but it is not the people who have made these decisions. It is the abdication of responsibility by all people of this hemisphere that has allowed a few large companies to decide—and to have the decisions enacted by government—that a certain area can be designated a “national sacrifice area.  What are we sacrificing? We are sacrificing the future. As those aquifers are depleted, the electrical energy of lightning has no place to be called to. The lightning activity is the pulse, just as the nervous system is the pulse that animates your body. So, as these aquifers are further depleted, there is less and less energy for growth, for life. There are also more subtle effects of the lightning.


Through ignorance and greed, seeking to control light, seeking to control power, mankind’s technology is destroying the very basic power of our planet. Inventions came about to assist humans. Now inventions run over humans. And this has come about through a fase viewpoint. We have looked and felt, “Oh, the Earth is here to give to us,” and it is true; the whole of Creation is an opportunity to know the beauty of what is. Yet something has been forgotten: the return, the reciprocity, the fact that the Earth is a living being. Within our own physical body flows the energy of life. Through the top of the head and the soles of the feet, the base of the spine and the back of the knees, we give and return energy to the Earth and the heavens. When the heart has become obscured with doubt, with anger and greed, with greed for power, thinking, it is something outside ourselves, then the energy is not returning to the universe, then our breath is not completed.


We have a short time in which to transform incorrect thinking, mental imbalance, and to learn again to live with dignity as human beings, because the elements of life in ourselves have become distorted. Many human beings suffer with diseases of body and mind that are a direct result of disharmony with the current of life. How does one align with the current of life? Through prayer, through right action. That is a return, a thankfulness. When we allow our hearts to give and receive in thankfulness there is an expansion of the biophysical energy (sometimes referred to as the aura) that is scientifically measurable. That force extends and returns to the environment energy that has been given.


We are ever in a reciprocal relationship, also. with the sacred directions and their guardians, the Adawees, those great angelic beings. From the North we realize wisdom through action and we understand, in the stillness of a clear day, freedom and a readiness to act. Attentive and aware, willful intention to be in the moment. From the East arises Ama Agheya, Water Woman bearing the gift of knowing, the east wind, inspiring the mind to see, “I am that I am.” And from the South the seeds of renewal arise, the power of adolescence and the sacred power of rebuilding. As we move toward the West we find that we carry with us, even in our youth, the great and blessed weight of our grandparents upon our backs. We face the West and see the Great Bear, and we realize that we have come and that we can leave, yet there is something to give and to return. At that point one can make a decision to transform and transmute, as in the sacred quality of the amethyst crystal; one transmutes consciousness and decides, “I shall walk around this circle of life for the beauty and the enlightenment of all beings.”


It is an Indian proverb that it is a rich person who has a large family, a very poor person who has no family or friends. In this time something has happened to break the threads of connection, for many people suffer in loneliness and seek good relationship with self and others. Cultivate spiritual friendships with those who demonstrate right actions, and consider your co-workers as you would members of your clan.  What is praying? To arise in the morning and to thank the sun. To burn sweetgrass and sage and cedar, to make tobacco offerings—to acknowledge the beauty of what is, that we may ever be clear in that reflections, that we be firm and not rash, that we be true in our knowing. And then at midday, when the sun is overhead, thank all those who have come before and filled your life, filled your body with the energy to be. And as the sun descends over the western horizon, say, “Thank you. Oh, a day has passed and another day shall come. I am thankful.” In the light of day is the seed of night, within the South is relected the North, and within the West, images of the East.


Many Scientists from around the world have come to see that the sacred wisdom of the ancient ones of all the great religions has a basis and a foundation in our everyday life—that there is no difference between spiritual duty and being a good neighbor, a good friend, a good citizen. A citizen of what? The family of humanity. The current of life is in all of us.


Each one of us on Earth at this time is being called to rebuild the sacred circle in ourselves. True, there has been much suffering, generated from the mind of incorrect action, and it is very simple to see the road of right action. For the problems that people of Earth face now—those who have been displaced for political reasons, those who have been displaced for monetary gain, those who have been displaced by loss of heart—there is a healing that must come. How can there be no people. How can there be a place where one can no longer live. Who can decide that a certain part of the Earth shall be a “sacrifice area”? Better to be good caretakers of the land.


This Earth is a living being. The trouble that has engulfed the mind of humanity comes from the false concept of ownership and an idea of government that does not take into consideration our relationship, our sacred duty to caretake one another and our moth, the Earth. Here on Earth we are all connected through the sacred currents of live, and no one can fulfill our responsibilities for us. It is our choice. We can call upon peace in ourselves, we can rise about national rivalry, through making peace with the sun and the moon in our hearts, seeing that there is no above, no below, and that even mind is a form that we are sharing.


What do we hold on to. Sometimes simply the idea that an area of mind is our own or that a concept is our own. Many wars have been fought in the name of religion, in the name of a particular concept. To many Native Americans there is no difference between capitalism, communism, socialism; they are systems lacking in spirit and lacking in wholeness. It is for each of us to look deep within ourselves and to attempt, in small ways in our own communities, in our homes, that process of sharing that renews the heart and makes good friends. For many Indian families it begins early in the morning with the sunrise ceremony and the sharing of our dreams of the night before. The world of dreaming and the world of television screening, they are the same;: projections of mind that we are all sharing.


If you look to the beauty and see the sadness, acknowledge it and the things that are incorrect, yet hold the form of transformation and it shall come to pass. Often we have looked to others to give direction and leadership, to being things correct. But what is someone leading, and what is following? A strong community develops whole vision, considering the future generations. In the Tsalagi way the chiefs are chosen by the clan mothers, women who have watched them grow. Watching the young people grow, the women see their beauty, they see the young person’s concern for nature and life and they know, “Ah, this one can live truly the way of the people and carry the heart of the people and be an inspiration to the people.” In this way the chiefs and the honored people are chose, through their meritorious actions, through their right actions. (And the chief or honored person may be a man or a woman, because a whole person is a whole person. The distinction of sexism is something that comes out of a mind separated in itself.) Now, in most places, “elections” are more like advertising and selling goods. Let us return to looking at one another’s actions. Are they good for the people and the land? Are they good for the children? Let us realize that those elected to leadership really depend upon the people for guidance and for prayer; prayer is the power that opens the mind to see.


Prayer is the most powerful thing. I have seen old men, old women, create and stop tornadoes, make the ground shake or stop, bring rain. Even young people can handle a hot fire and not be burned because they have found peace and resolution with those elements in themselves. Each person has a gift to share. The whales and dolphins, they understand. One dolphin scout may go out, one Hopi scout may go out, and all of the people will know at home what that one has seen. Many people are crying for that shared vision because it is very difficult for a human organism to live in a vacuum. We are all relatives. Even the trees rejoice in our happiness because when we are happy we exude from our bodies a vitality that renews the atmosphere around us. When the human being is thinking thoughts of doubt and anger, a hormone is secreted within the brain that depresses and ages the system. When we recognize joy, when we understand beauty, there is a hormone that infuses even the body of an old, old person with great light, great strength. Age is a concept of mind, and it has become a way of separating rather than acknowledging wisdom. So many young people feel, “Oh, my parents cannot understand me,’ and many parents feel, “Oh, I cannot understand these young people.” But that is an illusion, because all are united in the stream of mind. There is a stream of right action that we can follow, and it begins with forgiving—forgiving ourselves for not fulfilling others’ expectations and others for not meeting ours.


It is our duty now to reweave this sacred robe of Mother Earth, because she is almost denuded by the vacuousness of her children and their carelessness. How to begin? Simply. Learn to sit and watch and find a place of stillness so that one does not react. Let us pray and old in our minds the thought form of a spiritual renewal, a planetary family of know.


Let us make a choice to walk upon the Beauty Path, that path built of right actions, of generosity, of love and compassion, of understanding the sacred duties that each one has, of understanding the currents of life’s energy within ourselves and the weaving of wholeness within our own senses. Be devoted to the life principle in oneself. And live what you know. One cannot understand religion without living the practice. Seek the wisdom of your heart like a child on a new journey—only expecting to arrive. Simplicity is a sacred principle and power within ourselves.


As the basic currents of one’s energy become apparent, thought and action arise spontaneously in harmony with life. When the Earth and the heavens meet in your heart, you realize, “Oh, as it is above, so it is below. As I think, so it shall be.” From that recognition of the power of your mind comes an understanding of ritual, the sacred duties, be it Friday night candle lighting, Sunday-morning communion, or sunrise and sundown chanting. Ritual builds stronger than word; it is the fiber that makes the cables of the bridge that will take you to the other shore, beyond the sea of your ignorance to the shore of your wisdom. Ritual takes us beyond, to a place of change, of transformation. The sound of chanting opens doorways in other dimension, worlds of our know, our heart, worlds of subtleties. There are other beings that await to commune with the enlightened family of humanity. The circle includes the vastness of space.


This family of humanity has behaved like recalcitrant children. In many parts of the universe, in the larger council of the universe, some are saying, “When will they stop hurting themselves? When will they stop hurting this quadrant of the universe with such anger, with the idea of destroying one another?” What good is it to duel, to war? The instruments of war will take life even from the future generations. We see the situation in the Middle East. According to the prophecies of the Indian nations, that bed of coals can ignite this whole planet. And what is the issue? Land rights, a few people making decisions for many. The people want to live in a spiritual way, but they are reacting to an absence of mindfulness or an imposition of materialism upon their hearts.


I pray that those who are in office listen to the prayers arising from the people’s hearts. Let there be peace. Let us understand that you cannot sacrifice one part of the Earth for another. This Earth is a living being that is our home. We cannot sacrifice the rights of one people in hopes that another people will be made happy. This is an abundant universe. It is only through the philosophy of the merchant mind that the concept of “not enough” has become real. People are starving, members of our family are starving in parts of this world, even here in the United Statesall are called to do as human beings. We are called to make peace in ourselves and to take responsibility. The evil that we see, we cannot say that some government or some other person is doing it. It is all of us. Let us come again to the sacred circle and affirm the real principles of government: to serve the people, to bring the greatest good, to be dignified human beings. where “water runs out of a stock. “People are hungry here, not only for food but for peace. And why is this? It is incorrect judgement, incorrect action that has brought the mind to feeling it is productivity that validates us as human beings, numbers of papers printed, pounds of coal produced. There is more to human life than output. There is more that we


Simplicity and truth, to live in harmony—that is our goal. To realize ourselves and our thoughts as creators of our reality, to take responsibility. We are mothers and fathers. We are sun and moon. Our thinking gives birth to many things. Let us think clearly. Earth will not carry much longer a load of rabble-rousing children, of children who bear her and steal her very lifeblood. Think: in ten to thirty years the pumping of the aquifers beneath Black Mesa, Arizona, and the Black Hills of South Dakota would make those areas a desert.


Are you really willing to take life from your grandchildren? Do you want to take the water and the life force from the Earth so that there is no place for your children and their children? Quickly come now to a place of balance in this dream that we share. Let us return to one another love and forgiveness and understanding. Make an effort to grow corn with a neighbor. Try doing something for another person, even when you think you yourself have not enough, especially  when you think you yourself have not enough. There may be elderly people in your neighborhood who have wisdom through the years of their experience and who may be suffering because of Social Security cutbacks, hunger, illness, loneliness, poverty. Can you be a friend one day a week to someone else who is not able to go out? To share is the way that we learn, it is the way to realize our fits. In the Native way, the give-away is a frequent celebration. When people are thankful for something—it may be the birth of a child, it may be a healing, it may be anything—they will call together their friends and neighbors and give away everything they have. A wise person realizes that in nonattachment to the material forms they are always sustained in the abundance of what is. Let us all recall that.




The cycles of life and death include all of us on this sphere, Mother Earth. We are all determining the future of our grandchildren and our home, the Earth. The concept of neighborhood, nation, is all based on the family and the process of interrelations. As citizens we have a responsibility to guide those whom we have chosen as leaders. This requires a clear vision of our family’s needs and our neighbor’s and of our hopes for the future. When individuals clearly ascertain the main ideal to manifest in their lives, they are aware of their sacred law to do right, to do good, to transform emotions, thoughts, and actions that may obscure one’s good relations.


This is a time of mass dislocation and relocation. Jobs are being relocated out of the cities, leaving citizens bereft. The poor are relocated for urban renewal. War and famine—caused by greed and ignorance—drive many people from their homelands. Farmers are being dislocated so that others may profit by artificially inflating the value of their lands…   [and for mining purposes]


… The Native American worldview sees cycles of life and death and the individual always in relationship with family, clan, nation, and planet. This relationship is biological, mental, emotional, spiritual, economic. The circle is inclusive. By virtue of being on Earth, being a member of the family of humanity, we are included in the circle of life. The actions of our group, one nation, resound through the atmosphere, affecting the entire planetary circle. The concept of circle makes clear the individual’s responsibility in acting for the benefit of all one’s relatives and for the benefit of future generations. The oceans and the plants upon the Earth supply us with oxygen, the rivers give us water, and our reciprocal responsibility is to respect and keep pure those elements of life, that many may live with good health and peace of mind.


We all need pure air and water to live. What is an individual’s responsibility and power in maintaining pure air and water? The mass careless destruction of our forest affects the entire circle of life, through the depletion of oxygen in the air. We are each responsible for the trees that help us breathe. Your generous action of planting trees clears the air. And in these times we may honor our relationship with water by not wasting it and by purifying waste products before they return to the cycle of the water’s flow.


The common factors that unite human beings are the desire for security, peace, abundance, and ease for our children and grandchildren. Parents all around the world have the same concerns. The cause of imagined separation is ignorance of the means by which we are all interrelated. We are connected by the air we breathe and the Earth we share. As one manifests energy and discipline to transform emotions or actions that disturb one’s own peace or peace with others, then one may turn aside the energy of aggression and relate in equanimity. The illusion of separation arises from the mind of not-enough and the thought of “them” and “us.” Nation against nation arises as a thought when individuals and groups fear difference, not realizing the underlying unity… [we must remember we all have concern for our families and children]  … When we realize that our children and grandchildren will be affected by the actions of both nations, we recognize our common responsibility to transform aggression. Reactive mind perceives differences. Circle mind sees what is like. [Humans in one country are like humans in another country]  In recognizing our likenesses we have the first thread of bountiful communication…


…A reaction is a response that has no thought. It may be a pattern of action based upon past situations. A wise person of any age perceives that patterns of mind and stands in the present, nonreacting from the past. When we are not controlled by the thoughts and emotions of the past, then we are free to choose and create in the present and for the future. For this reason forgiveness is an energy of pacification, of peacemaking, so that peaceful relationship may ensue.


The thought forms that obscure peaceful human relationship are many, all arising from ignorance manifest as miscommunication. An individual holding the thought of anger or fear without seeking to resolve such energy can become embroiled in repetitive patterns of discord. As the patterns are perceived and resolved, one has access to more creative energy to accomplish one’s life goal and purpose. First one identifies the patterns of fear, anger, envy, competition, whatever; then one diligently transforms them. Say you feel competitive with co-workers, family, or friends. Observe; consider wi=hat energy and actions arise from that competitiveness. Then speak clearly of your purpose and your gifts, give thanks for the gifts of others in the circle, and recognize that many gifted beings may work together and need not be in competition. Observe your mind and action, and each time a thought of scarcity or competition arises, carry it clearly to resolution. Then you are free of reacting and can choose to respond.


As a member of a family, ream of co-workers, community, neighborhood, nation, one has vast energy to work with, a fire to burn clear the mind as one warmly interacts with other beings. With one’s family it is wise to speak and share experiences and also to state the purpose of your being together. Hear from each member what is hoped for and wanted. Here we can see likeness-threads in the dream of happy relationship that all individuals share. In working and living together, express clearly expectations and goals and agree on what is to be accomplished. Individually and collectively this is powerful. In the Native way this is the united mind of the council. As the people council with one another and with the legislators, laws are enacted to benefit all. When we see that something needs to be done, it is up to us to do it. When we look around and see people homeless in this rich land, it is for each of us to join together and create the solution. When we see jobs relocated out of this country and people left unsure and insecure, it is our duty to bring the situation correct. When we see farmers relocated, foreclosed form their land, let us recognize the responsibility of investment speculators arbitrarily raising the cost of the land speculating on future sale value. Land speculation means the future is for sale. Do you want other people deciding your future, or are you willing to choose and create the tomorrow that is best for all?


A mass relocation of Native peoples is being carried out in the Southwestern United States. [and now the same in India]  This has come about through lust and greed for uranium and oil beneath the land. The uranium is more beneficially energetic in the Earth, drawing rains to refill the aquifers. And certainly, to destroy the culture of people living in harmony with the land, creating a sacrificial wasteland, is an unwise action that will have deleterious effects throughout the nation.


Too often individuals and groups, overwhelmed by forces oppressing them, become angry and lash out, shouting even at those who seek to aid them, putting forth a hollow cry of despair. The wise citizen will consider that fear and anger with understanding, and respond with equanimity and with actions that will bring solution. You do make a difference. Your voice is important in this time. Let each of us act to correct the abuses of our relatives and the Earth. Consider the effects of wasting four billion dollars of taxpayers’ money to force a self-sufficient people into bureaucratic slavery. Let us recognize that such means can at any time be applied to any of us in this land if we allow that thought of force to continue. Write to your legislators; call correct those whose actions threaten the well-being of the people and the land. The farmers in the Midwestern United States who generously supply the bread upon our tables [and now also self-sufficient farmers in India] are being forced from their homeland, forced into servitude to megabusinesses. The same plantation mind that has enslaved South and Central American as banana plantations now turns upon its own.


This is the time for us all to consider what threads are weaving our tomorrow. We cannot allow self-sufficient people to be enslaved in bureaucratic manipulation. We cannot allow our grandparents and our children to be reduced to hunger and despair in order to assure greater profits to those who exploit. Let us actively encourage and support all who live in harmony and self-sufficiency, all who seek to live in right relationship with the Earth and one another. We can effectively express wisdom and a vision of peace to benefit the group, the nation and the planet—immediately. Right now, let us envision a world of harmony and good relationship. How would it be?


Let us take steps to balance the confusion. Let us call the legislation to be responsive to the real needs. Let us invest in a future without greed. We can work together, creating stronger and more stable neighborhoods. We can clarify confusion through clearly defining our purpose and goals and the skillful means by which to realize them for the benefit of everyone.


In the old days, Native American governmental systems incorporated the wisdom of the minority voice until all were clear on a single choice and course of action. As we work with one another, clearly stating our goals and our course of action, we bring tomorrow, the objective actualized. Ten people can come forward in a circle, hear the needs of the people, and act to create a solution of homes for those who are homeless. Let us plant gardens in the city, that the mind may come again to understand our relationship to the foods that give us life. Whatever the work, your actions can be infused with the clear mind of complementary resolution—peace for all and for the group to accomplish its goal.


Long ago the Pale One walked upon this land. He reminded the people, “Take care of one another, cause no harm, work together to benefit all.”  His message was one of unity and responsibility, consensus. The Constitution of the United States is based upon the governmental system that he outline for the Native people, and his voice and wisdom still resonate today through all of the Americas. He reminded us of the cycles of life and the cycles of human development, and as nations we are now at the end of one cycle and the beginning of another—where we extend the love of the family to include the entire cycle of life.


May we all trace our roots to the great Tree of Peace. May we honor the wisdom of our grandparents and caretake that wisdom for our grandchildren, unto seven generations. Let us recognize the sacredness of this time of transformation and choice, that we may truly manifest the beauteous family of humanity.






"When we take control of our resources and begin to develop them our way, there's no need for poverty here," says Masayesva.

AT SUNRISE EARLY LAST MARCH, [2007] Masayesva and a group of Hopi runners gathered for a water-blessing ceremony at Moencopi Springs, on the western edge of Hopi tribal lands. They were about to participate in a 2,000-mile, 14-day relay from Arizona to Mexico City, passing a gourd of sacred springwater from one runner to the next, delivering a message about the need to protect and conserve it to the World Water Forum in the Mexican capital. The idea had been Masayesva's. Though he traveled with the runners by van in the beginning, he had to return to the reservation because of a family emergency.

Thirty miles from his home, it began snowing. It rained and snowed for three days, snapping the area's longest recorded dry spell--though Arizona remains in a drought. "To me, it happened for a reason," he says. "It's the runners that made it happen." The organizers and athletes, who were upholding a Hopi tradition by running, were shut out of the forum--which focused mainly on management and privatization. They were welcomed, however, by the city's mayor and leaders from Mexico's Native communities. "Our traditions, our beliefs, aren't dead," Masayesva told those gathered for the ceremonies. "We are rain people trying to convey water's message."

Marilyn Berlin Snell is the senior writer for Sierra.


Five Gates of Grief, by Francis Weller

Emoto Peace Project

A world of which every living entity shares a part, and yet about which we know significantly little...

Until the groundbreaking work of a pioneer Japanese researcher whose astonishing discovery about water, documented photographically, changed most of what we didn't know and led to a new consciousness of Earth's most precious resource.

"The messages from water are telling us to look inside ourselves"

for all the children on the earth