is to grow
in landspace 
so that the building of
buildings, structures, sculptures and more

may be created
to go along with
the creative and nature activities

 -- as these warm earthy, visually stimulating eco-friendly buildings are perfect to further ignite the creative  imagination while also presenting  sustainable ecologically-friendly living and building practices.

One such building could include a gift shop where the greater percentage of items available would be handmade from natural materials freely given by nature, but could also include items made  from recycled materials

The goal is to open more doors to nature, art and creativity -- to encourage a genuine desire to act favourably for the preservation, protection and restoration of wildlife and natural ecosystems, yet at the same time nurture our own inherent desire for growth and creativity, that it may be fulfilled as well, without depleting our environment that so beautifully nurtures and sustains us. 



What began as poetry and programs to help recognize wild plants and what they have been used for in regard to our own health and well-being, has now grown to include faerie poetry, some that go as far back as AD01 with a poem by Marcus Turnicus, Others lead up to the present day with a few written by myself along with other authors whose work I found to be interesting and enjoyable.

The poems will soon become available in audio form for your listening pleasure online or for purchase in the near future.

Samples of poetry about plants that I've written and recited may be found at  

 (Beneficial facts about the plants are hidden within the poem, which may then be revealed following recitation of the poem by the author.)


If you would like to help contribute to the growth of this dream,
several ways are present below.: 

commissioning an artwork
purchaseing a print
joining in
or simply
to keep this
 fairygoodmother in flight!