Dream A Little Dream 

Over time an idea has been evolving to help preserve wildlife habitats by creating a Soft Footprint Nature Center.

The main focus would be to reconnect with nature through educational and soft footprint nature activities. This would include
quiet meditative practices whenever possible within a natural setting.

The idea has since grown to incorporate both sides of the brain in this learning by further teaching the lessons through imaginative storytelling, poetry, art, crafts, games and more, thus enabling  better retention of the lesson presented.

The  ultimate vision is to include  the building of strawbale and cob structures. These warm earthy, visually stimulating eco-friendly buildings would be perfect  to ignite the creative  imagination while also presenting  sustainable ecologically friendly living and building practices.

One such building would include a gift shop where the greater percentage of items available would be handmade, preferably from recycled materials.

The goal is to open more doors to nature, art and creativity -- to encourage a genuine desire to act favorably for the preservation, protection and restoration of wildlife and natural ecosystems.

The beginning of some of the programming is presently being created through the writing of stories and poetry that teach how to recognize wild plants and what they have been used for
for our health and well-being. These lessons will further be enriched through photography, art, crafts, and nature activities.  You may see and listen to some samples at FairyGoodmother.blogspot.com.