Affinity with Nature

Do you feel an affinity with Nature?

Would you like to have this visually expressed in a work of art  incorporating your image with that of the particular expression of nature which you feel you have a special connection with?

Don't know if you have a connection but would like to consider maybe you do; up to six cards may be randomly drawn from a deck with animal images upon them, plus a reading of the guidance they represent. The chosen cards may then be incorporated into the same kind of above artwork to help in-still the message. (This reading is optional and in addition to the artwork, thus procures an additional fee.)


Would you simply love to have an image metamorphosis made of you, a family member or friend into a Faerie or Elf?  Perhaps you have something completely different in mind. Do contact me with your idea! (More works may be seen under VIEW PRINTS, or within my gallery at deviantart.)